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Holiday Gift Ideas for Oboists

  1. This Oboe Sweater from Reeds Doubled is the perfect gift for the cozy oboist in your life. I love the colorways and the options on their site which include "English horn" and "Double Reeds".

  2. Stand up Tool Pouch from Jennie's Bags and Beyond on Etsy. I just purchased this for myself for Christmas, and I'm so excited to get enthusiastic about Reed Making with it's many compartments and organizational possibilities!

  3. Oboe Key Earrings from Hang Ups Jewelry. These are so fun and a little bit quirky! Just like most oboists. Hang Ups donates to a great cause, Band of Angels, and I love the Oboe Key Necklace that I have from their shop.

  4. This is one of my most favorite reed cases ever from LC Double Reeds. Reed cases are like the purses of the oboist; one can never have too many. Especially in various sizes and colors! The vegan leather is very durable and holds your reeds securely in the ribbon, and the clasp is tight as well.

  5. Most of us already have more than one spool of thread from Squirrely Stash, but in case you or the oboist in your world do not- this would make a very nice stocking stuffer!

  6. I think of all of my delightfully enthusiastic "baby" oboe students just starting out when I see this Oboe Ornament. I know that I got one for one of my first middle school Christmases as an oboist over 25 years ago!

  7. Susanna Klein, founder of @Practizma has great tips and tricks to aide in your practice sessions, and if you are a family of multiple musicians; she has multi-packs of her WONDERFUL practice journal on her site.

  8. I am always so impressed with the great ideas my friend Stephanie Patterson has, including this oboe reed cookie cutter. Check out her shop for many amazing and unique oboe gifts including 3D printed reed drying racks!

  9. Crescendo Bags in Colorado makes amazingly crafted CUSTOM bags to fit your specific case dimensions. I love that even the zipper pulls and front pockets can essentially be designed by YOU! My oboe case cover backpack for my single Lomax case fits everything I need on the gig including my Ipad Pro!

I hope you have fun shopping, these items are truly great; I can say so because I own each and every one of them! Happy Holidays, Oboe Friends! xo

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