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Holiday Gift Ideas for Music Mamas

I wanted to create another gift guide specific to all of the hardworking musical mamas out there!

This time of year we would "normally" be running from Nutcracker, to Church Gigs, home to make dinner or to pick up kids from school, squeeze in teaching lessons, and the back out to the pit or stage.

This year looks a tiny bit different, but it doesn't mean that most of us aren't still working very hard to make the holidays special for our families, and to spread our love of music to students, colleagues, and various communities.

Here are some of my favorite items to keep cozy, connected, and cute!

Bear Paw Slippers. I love Bear Paw- it is such an affordable brand and great alternative to some other popular slippers and boots out there for the colder months. These come in several colors and at only $20 really can't be beat!

Music Stand Cup Holder. This attaches easily to any music stand, and holds a can very securely. Does anyone else have not only a sparkling water addiction, but also a multi-beverage addiction?! I love having tea, water, coffee... anything to drink while teaching!

Loom Parent-Child Journal. I just purchased this for my son and I, and I am already contemplating the couples edition as well. This is a GORGEOUS way to document your family history and relationship with your child in an awesome, connective, electronic-free way. I'm beyond excited to sit down and spend some time on it with my boy.

Callie Danielle Digital. This is another small brand that I am so excited to have found. Her digital packages include Procreate palettes for iPad Pro, and also really cute wrap stickers for your Apple Pencil. Not to mention clothing, tumblers, and more!

Print Joggers. I never knew how much the right pants could matter until I was cozy at home with ALL of the joggers this year. I miss getting dressed up in Concert Black a LITTLE bit, but these definitely soften the blow of working quite a bit from home!

Halo Light. This one clips on and is adjustable. Sometimes I get frustrated with the lighting in my oboe studio for virtual oboe lessons... especially during a reedmaking session (Zoom reedmaking is one of the biggest challenges that way, let me tell you!) and this seems like it would be helpful! I'm very excited to give it a whirl and feel like a "real" blogger.

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