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CK Oboe Reeds on Etsy!

Visit my Etsy shop for handmade Oboe and English horn reeds and hand processed cane!

Handmade Oboe Reeds

In addition to reeds, I also craft custom reed cases, and now offer hand thrown reed cups made by my great oboe friend, Steven Maijala of Midwest Musical Imports. 


  • Oboe and English horn Reeds

  • Gouged cane from my Innoledy gouger

  • Gouged, Shaped, and Folded cane 

  • Reed Blanks if you’re a new or busy reedmaker

Introducing Professional Reeds to help you play beautifully!

Handmade oboe reeds
Handmade oboe reeds
Handmade oboe reeds

Here's what you get with your handmade reed:

  • Stability, so you can just PLAY.

  • Deep Tone, so you can enjoy your sound, and others can as well.

  • Reeds Ship within a reasonable time frame, some weeks are busier than others but I can generally get you some reeds pretty quickly, in most cases inside 2 weeks.

  • Reed Line Jump, so you can get reeds straight out of my personal case and in your hands within a week for a flat $25 additional fee.

Reed Subscriptions 

  • $25 for oboe reed

  • $30 for English horn

  • $13 Oboe Reed Blank 

    Flexible monthly options available, customize your monthly reed package!

Here’s what others have asked!

What if I need reeds on a regular basis?

We can totally do that! Send me an email and we can talk about a monthly reed subscription. 

Yikes, I noticed that your reeds are more expensive than store bought or the Amazon reeds I have been using!

It is typical to pay more for good handmade reeds because of the time and processing involved in making them. I typically make reeds in stages which last anywhere between 2-3 sittings. The good news is that this helps them to be more resilient and last a lot longer than a typical store bought commercial reed. 


Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds on reeds or cane, however, we will find a solution together that works for you! Believe me, I want you to be happy and have working reeds that help you enjoy playing!


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Email me any time, Day or Night!

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