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The oboe is a tricky instrument, but good news! There is help, and you don’t have to find the answers on your own!

You’re a Middle or High School Oboist and you’ve got lots of questions about how to get better at the oboe, succeed at ensemble auditions, make solid progress on your instrument, and not to mention REED QUESTIONS! Do you ever feel like it would be awesome to have an “Oboe Mom”?


Enter: Me, Your Oboe Mom! I can help you achieve your goals at school, youth orchestra, sound your best, find an instrument that fits you and helps you- and more!


That’s where I come in. 

For more details about my education and experience, Just click HERE!

About  Caitlin

I’m Caitlin, and I am passionate about working with young oboists who crave the help that only a seasoned professional oboist can offer them through years of experience, finding their voice on their instrument, smashing their goals whether it is first chair in advanced band, becoming a college music major, or just plain growing and having fun as a young musician.


I can give you tools to practice more efficiently (for less time), while sprinkling in a little confidence-boosting support OR bring more tough love to the table depending upon your skill level and goals. You can get more focused, without all the tough constraints like “in order to be great I need to practice this many hours", or "by High School I should know whether or not I’d like to major in music”. What I’ve learned after many years of studio teaching and performing is that Oboe Students are as different as snowflakes. The most important thing to me as a teacher is creating an individualized plan of attack to knock out immediate, short term, and long term goals together with you at the wheel and me as your guide. I had a lot of help as a student, so it is very important to me as a teacher to honor that and pass on the knowledge that has been shared with me to you!

Caitlin Kramer Kalamazoo Oboe Teacher

I'm thrilled to also be a Yamaha Performing Artist and perform on a YOB-841 Custom Duet Model Oboe. In addition to my private students, I teach music classes at Western Michigan University.


When I am not performing or teaching, I love exploring Kalamazoo with my young son, Noah. We love to find new places to eat yummy food, parks to play in, and learn more about the city. Some of our family members perform on Broadway, so when we are able to visit New York City and spend time with them, it is always exciting and fun!

I love to bake treats, and if I wasn’t an oboist, I would love to open a bakery where I’d make lots of family recipes to share with Kalamazoo! I also love home decor and keeping our 1948 Cape Cod looking cozy and cute.

Caitlin Kramer Kalamazoo Oboe Teacher
Caitlin Kramer Oboist
Caitlin Kramer
Benjamin Britten - Six Metamorphoses | Pan
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Student  Testimonial

“Caitlin is an amazing teacher. She has extensive musical knowledge, and helps me pick music that’s at my level, but still challenges me. Her handmade reeds are high quality; they create a clear sound, play easily, and are more reliable than anything you’ll get at the store. Just playing with her has improved my sound drastically as I get to listen to someone well practiced. If you’re looking for an oboe teacher, Caitlin is a great choice”

--Jordyn T., Senior in High School

Interested in becoming a member of CK Oboe Studio?  

In addition to offering online oboe lessons, I also teach oboe to students in the following areas: 

  • Portage, MI 49002 

  • Kalamazoo, MI 49001 

  • St Joseph, MI 49085

  • Niles, MI 49120

  • Battle Creek, MI 49014

  • Comstock Twp, MI 49001

  • Grand Rapids, MI 49501

  • Plainwell, MI 49080

  • Hudsonville, MI 49426

  • Schoolcraft, MI 49087

  • Three Rivers, MI 49093

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