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Caitlin Kramer Kalamazoo Oboe Teacher

Learn to play beautifully with a Professional


to the Caitlin Kramer Oboe Studio

Customized lessons structured to fit your learning style and specific goals

  • 30, 45, and 60 minute in-person or Skype lessons 

  • Monthly Oboe Reed Subscriptions- Reeds ready at your Lesson!

  • Study Reedmaking, English horn, Oboe History and more!

  • Prep for School Ensemble Music, Youth Orchestra, College Auditions and Scholarship Award


Introducing Intensive Oboe Study on a weekly basis so you can tackle your goals whether it is majoring in Music in college, or just having fun in your Community Music Ensemble. 

Kalamazoo Oboe Lessons
Kalamazoo Oboe Lessons
Kalamazoo Oboe Lessons

Here’s what you get with CK Oboe Studio Membership:

  • Weekly Lessons, so you can build progress with momentum and accountability.

  • Studio Library, so you can choose repertoire that interests and excites you and learn about Oboe History, Performance Practice, and more!

  • Reedmaking Groups, Materials, and Lessons, so you can take ownership of your voice on the Oboe.

  • Instrument Collection, so you can experience, and play some English horn and Oboe d’Amore.

  • Group Lessons and Lesson Buddies so you can build community with other oboists who are perhaps your same age, skill level, or have similar goals.

  • Recital and Performance Opportunities so you can have an opportunity to perform as a soloist and chamber musician.

And did someone say BONUSES?

You get access to:​

  • A personalized practice plan, so we can pinpoint individual goals and make a plan.

  • Our Oboe Studio “Dojo”; a fun way to keep track of your progress with clear goals correlating to a specific “Belt” that you can test for Bi-Monthly, Just like Martial Arts!

Kalamazoo Oboe Lessons
Les Miserables - Valjean's Escape
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How does it work?

pawel-czerwinski-KGn59JlYRB8-unsplash (2



Work together to create an individual practice plan to help facilitate these goals using Fundamentals, Listening Skills, and Exercises




Smash Goals

Success at School Music Classes 

Great Rehearsals 

Wonderful Performances

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Identify Immediate, Short Term, and Long Term Goals for Oboe

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Student  Testimonial

“It never matters how bad I feel about my playing or my personal life before I walk in, I always leave my lessons with a smile. Caitlin is not only an amazing teacher but helps give me the confidence to keep growing and learning. I have always known that I can ask her for help with anything, and she’s always there and knows exactly what to say!” 

--Rebecca S., High School Sophomore

Your investment for the CK Oboe Studio Membership for in-person and Skype lessons are:

30 minute weekly lessons



45 minute weekly lessons



60 minute weekly lessons



Caitlin Kramer Kalamazoo Oboe Teacher

And just who am I?

I have loved the oboe ever since I opened up my first Selmer case when I was 11. I still remember what it was like to put it together for the first time and try to play a few notes alone in my bedroom. Really quickly though, I realized that I needed HELP!

It is truly a joy and an honor to help you through those same moments and beyond!

Click each button below to download!

Here’s what others have asked!

What if I’ve never taken any music lessons before?

No previous experience needed! Usually at our first lesson we learn the baby basics like how to put together and take apart your instrument, play a few notes, and we go from there!

Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Isn’t there a bigger payment plan??

Weekly lessons are the best way to build on progress and momentum. I have tried a variety of different lessons over the years including bi-weekly, monthly, etc. and I find that even at a smaller time increment, the consistency is what matters the most. That having been said, 30 minutes may be a great starting option for a lot of people. 

I don’t think I have time for this??

Private Oboe Lessons are definitely a financial and time investment. A weekly lesson time is one facet of the equation which also includes individual practice time and probably a daily band class at school. As with many things in life the adage “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” applies. Learning an instrument can be a very fulfilling life skill that translates far beyond school years with lessons in diligence, time management, responsibility, creativity, and many more. 


Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be offered for Lesson Tuition or Reed Subscriptions, however, in many cases we are able to work out make-up lessons in cases of illness and emergency and sometimes oboe reed “credits” as well. 


In addition to offering online oboe lessons, what areas do you offer lessons in Michigan? 

I offer oboe lessons in the following areas: 

  • Portage, MI 49002 

  • Kalamazoo, MI 49001 

  • St Joseph, MI 49085

  • Niles, MI 49120

  • Battle Creek, MI 49014

  • Comstock Twp, MI 49001

  • Grand Rapids, MI 49501

  • Plainwell, MI 49080

  • Hudsonville, MI 49426

  • Schoolcraft, MI 49087

  • Three Rivers, MI 49093

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I check my email often, and will respond to you within 24 hours.

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