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Caitlin Kramer

Oboe, English Horn, Oboe D'amore


I’m Caitlin, and I’ve been playing the Oboe for over 20 years! I knew quickly that music and oboe were things that I loved, and I have had a lot of help gaining the experience and knowledge that I now offer to my students. I’d love to help you on your Oboe Journey as well! 

After working as a professional oboist on the Las Vegas Strip for over a decade, I’m so happy to be back in my hometown of Kalamazoo where I can help young, local oboists with their goals.

Caitlin Kramer Kalamazoo Oboe Teacher


Welcome to CK Oboe Studio based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. With over 15 years of teaching experience, I have welcomed all ages, levels, and goal mindsets into my teaching studio with only ONE requirement; a desire to learn how to play the oboe well. 


Visit my Etsy shop to find handmade Oboe and English horn reeds, Prepared Cane, Reed Cases, Used Tools and Instruments, and more!

I personally prepare all reeds and cane using the same exacting standards necessary for my own professional career.

Oboe sheet music

Listen to me play some Oboe!

 I am passionate about playing Oboe with great friends, and colleagues. Whether I'm performing with an orchestra, at a wedding, or anything in between, sharing music with others is one of my biggest passions in addition to teaching!

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